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Warranty Registration

To provide you with total confidence in our product

Our Warranty Promise

We use our products daily, so we know a dud when we see one. Our team continuously tests, samples and examines our product for the best quality possible. If you’re towel is defective, we’ll send you a brand new one.

Replacement Warranty

Our replacement warranty covers replacement due to product failure during the first 12 months of your product's life. During this period, we will replace your product at our discretion under the warranty. What's covered? Rips, tears, discoloration, color runs. These must be due solely to product error and not due to other external causes or misuse of the item. Normal 'wear and tear' would not be covered.

Your only responsibility will be to return the item back to our facility - we will advise you of the details.

* Only valid when registered for the warranty using the form on the right (within 30 days of purchase).

Warranty Claim

To start a warranty claim, simply fill out the form on this page. One of our customer service specialists will contact you as soon as possible.

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